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Video Marketing in 2020

by | Jun 26, 2019

Video marketing has always been an important component of any large marketing or advertising campaign. Most social networks offer many different elements across one singular platform (Newsfeed posts, Stories, Direct messages, Ads, etc.). But with every new component comes a new opportunity for marketers to apply new tactics, and the advent of new video features across these platforms have provided that opportunity. 


Live Video Vs Produced Video


One of these newer features is live video. Live video has provided a new marketing opportunity because it offers the chance for marketers to partner with influencers and/or brands to offer an alternative to the traditional “highly produced content” (Search Engine Journal). This type of content performs exceptionally well with the current social media user, who’s been trained to ignore the “high-quality” traditional advertising.

Conversely, new features like IGTV on Instagram show highly produced content that is filmed with the intent of being viewed on a handheld device. 


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It’s A Mobile-First World


Whether companies decide to go with a more relatable technique, like Live video, or a more professional look, like a produced video for IGTV, it’s clear that businesses are investing heavily in creating verticle video, intended to be viewed on a mobile device. “Mobile Video consumption rises 100% every year (HubSpot).”

The challenge marketers face now is learning to implement effective advertising strategies across different mobile platforms. Look for this trend as we go further into 2020.

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