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One of the most difficult aspects of managing social media and digital marketing for a vast network of franchises is maintaining corporate-approved messaging while conveying the message in a localized voice and tone.

It can be unappealing and off-putting to prospective customers to be served a generic advertisement, especially if they know your company to be present nationwide. Including elements like the address, phone number and website of the nearest location will add a more genuine feel to your ads.

At SocialMadeSimple, we offer a unique blend of automated and handcrafted social media content and ads that we can deliver to your franchises so they can maintain brand integrity and your desired messaging while maintaining genuinely local voice.

We specialize in designing and managing location-based marketing campaigns on all social media platforms. For each of our clients, we create a digital library of tested corporate marketing assets that we will deliver across all locations.

We use a special blend of technology and human intelligence to bring our expertly crafted social media content and automated advertising to multi-location businesses across the country. We operate across all social platforms and can white-label our services to meet your needs.

Our proprietary platform allows us to serve advertisements to your various locational audiences across the country while substituting location-conditional content (address, phone number, website, etc.) for each of your franchises.

For more information about our services, please fill out this form or give us a call at 617-860-2270.